Vikram Maheshri


Here is my CV.

I am an associate professor of economics at the University of Houston who studies social interactions, usually in urban settings.


Working Papers

  1. Migrants at Sea: Unintended Consequences of Search and Rescue Operations,” with Claudio Deiana and Giovanni Mastrobuoni, forthcoming, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

  2. A Unified Empirical Framework to Study Segregation,” with Gregorio Caetano, under review.

  3. AI At the Wheel: The Effectivness of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems,” with Clifford Winston and Yidi Wu, under review.

  4. Cultural Remittances and Diasporas.”

  5. “Schelling Meets Hotelling: Segregation Dynamics and Policies,” with Gregorio Caetano.

  6. “Towards Linking High-frequency Bias in CNN with Model Fairness,” Hao Liang, Josue Caro, Ankit Patel, Vikram Maheshri and Guha Balakrishnan.


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  2. The Race Between Deterrence and Displacement: Theory and Evidence from Bank Robberies,” with Giovanni Mastrobuoni, Review of Economics and Statistics, 2021, vol. 103, pp. 547-562.

  3. Gender Segregation Within Neighborhoods,” with Gregorio Caetano, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2019, vol. 17, pp. 253-263. Online Appendix

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  6. School Segregation and the Identification of Tipping Behavior,” with Gregorio Caetano, Journal of Public Economics, 2017, vol. 148, pp.115-135. Online Appendix

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Books & Book Chapters

  1. First Thing We Do, Let’s Deregulate all the Lawyers, with Clifford Winston and Robert Crandall, 2011, Brookings Institution Press. (The Economist, Amazon)

  2. “The Effect of Reductions in Vehicle Miles Traveled on Highway Fatalities and Congestion with Heterogeneous Motorists”, with Clifford Winston, in Revitalizing a Nation: Competition and Innovation in the US Transportation System, under review, Brookings Institution Press.

  3. “Railroad Competition and Innovation”, with Clifford Winston, Jia Yan and Scott Dennis, in Revitalizing a Nation: Competition and Innovation in the US Transportation System, under review, Brookings Institution Press.